About Benchmark Animal Health

We develop and supply health products and solutions to the livestock, companion animal and aquaculture sectors.

We represent a new model in the animal health sector. With so sales force, our focus is on supporting our multi-disciplinary team of veterinarians, biologists, diagnosticians and research scientists deliver targeted health solutions for our customers.

Our synergy with the wider Benchmark Group affords us a unique insight into the key disease challenges facing our customers. While our in-house trials units, UK manufacturing bases and expert team allows us to combine this field-based evidence with leading technology in order to quickly progress products and solutions through to market.

Our ‘3 Es’ approach to business is the cornerstone of Benchmark. Our reputation is built on being honest and fair.

We take a long-term view, operating in a way that safeguards society and the world in which we work now and in the future. The overriding principle of driving sustainable business is based on the ‘3 Es’ paradigm, which places equal value on Ethics, Environment and Economics.


Benchmark commits to conducting business in an ethical manner and to act with integrity.

We are continually striving to improve the health and welfare of the animals in our sector. We believe that the ethical treatment of animals is intrinsic to the health and welfare of the people they help feed or provide companionship to.


Benchmark operates in an environmentally responsible and efficient manner to minimise adverse impacts on the environment.

By improving animal health, the efficiency of livestock and aquaculture farming enterprises inherently improves and output increases for the same environmental impact. In an era where we will need to produce “more from less”, healthy, efficient animals are essential.


Benchmark Animal Health understands the importance of economics in the human-animal relationship.

We strive for economic fairness for all industry stakeholders – be they consumers, farmers, vets or pet owners.