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20 years of driving sustainability in aquaculture

Benchmark®Animal Health develops solutions for some of the most economically important and persistent disease and health challenges in aquaculture in order to improve animal health and welfare in fish farming.

Benchmark® Animal Health is part of Benchmark® Holdings Plc. Benchmark’s mission is to enable aquaculture producers to improve their sustainability and profitability. We bring together biology and technology, to develop innovative products which improve yield, quality and animal health and welfare for our customers. We do this by improving the genetic make-up, health and nutrition of their stock – from broodstock and hatchery through to nursery and grow out.

Benchmark® Animal Health receive Marketing Authorisation (MA) from the Norwegian Medicines Agency for Ectosan® Vet in Norway.

Ectosan® Vet was the first sea lice veterinary medicinal treatment to be introduced to the Norwegian salmon market in over a decade and the granting of the MA was a major milestone.

Benchmark® Animal Health Chile established

The establishment of Benchmark®Animal Health Chile follows the launch of Benchmark® Genetics in Chile in 2018, and helps us to serve our customers better in the world’s second largest salmon market.

Re-focus on Aquaculture and Salmonids

Benchmark® Animal Health finished a period of internal restructuring to enable us to focus on core projects and strengthen our unique capabilities.

Benchmark® Animal Health Norway is established

The company’s subsidiary opens in Norway.

CleanTreat® by Benchmark® receives prestigious NorFishing Innovation award

Benchmark’s water purification system receives aquaculture’s most important recognition as a winner of Innovation Award at the AquaNor 2019 event. The ground-breaking CleanTreat® solution is branded ‘a transformational step change’ for the industry.

Period of strong growth

Between 2014 and 2018 Benchmark® Animal Health grow quickly through acquisitions and investments in product innovation.

Purisan® launched in Chile

Benchmark® Animal Health launches sea lice medicine Purisan® (previously named ‘Byelice’) in the Chilean market.

Salmosan®Vet launched in Europe

Benchmark® Animal Health launches sea lice medicine Salmosan®Vet into the European market.

Benchmark® Animal Health is founded

Animal Health founded with the mission to deliver efficacious and safe medicines and vaccines to improve fish welfare and farms’ productivity.

Benchmark® Holdings is listed on the London Stock Exchange

Big day for Benchmark® as the company becomes publicly listed as part of the AIM (The Alternative Investment Market).


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