Benchmark's driving sustainability in aquaculture

Benchmark’s mission is “Driving Sustainability in aquaculture”. We are doing so by delivering products and solutions which improve sustainability for aquaculture producers through better animal welfare.

We also seek to make our business increasingly sustainable, identifying environmental, social and governance (ESG) opportunities and actively managing risks that are material to our business and our stakeholders.

We believe that by fulfilling our mission we can help to meet the needs of a growing global population for healthy, nutritious food while minimising the impact on the environment and communities where aquaculture is present.

Ivonne Cantu, Director of Investor Relations and Head of the Sustainability Working Group

Five Focus Areas

Our sustainability programme has five focus areas which together address the main drivers of sustainability and ESG risks in our business, recognising that financial sustainability and corporate governance are managed through our finance and legal functions. These areas are Product Impact, Environment, Animal Welfare, Being Well and Communities.


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