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  5. Ectosan® Vet variation to Marketing Authorisation enabling a second use of treatment water

Ectosan® Vet variation to Marketing Authorisation enabling a second use of treatment water


An important milestone towards optimal efficiency of Benchmark’s transformational sea lice solution

Benchmark (LSE: BMK), the aquaculture biotechnology company, is pleased to announce that it has been granted a variation to its Marketing Authorisation (“MA”) for Ectosan® Vet  from the Norwegian Medicines Agency (“NoMA”).

This variation to the MA enables the re-use of the treatment water for a second batch of fish, subject to water quality being maintained to the satisfaction of the prescribing veterinarian, therefore increasing the efficiency of treatments. This means a producer will be able to treat a salmon farm more efficiently with a solution that delivers more than 99% efficacy, promotes animal welfare, reduces mortality and protects the environment – driving sustainability in the industry. 

This MA variation represents a further important step towards our goal of optimizing the efficiency of our sea lice solution, and further trials are ongoing to support multiple re-uses of treatment water. 

Trond Wiliksen, CEO, Banchmark

We are very pleased to have been granted a variation to the Marketing Authorisation from the Norwegian Medicines Agency. This represents an important milestone for the Company and the industry. Ectosan® Vet and CleanTreat® is a much needed solution for the industry which continues to show excellent results with efficacy above 99% as well as good operational efficiency. It is the first medicinal solution brought to the Norwegian market in over ten years which addresses one of the biggest challenges in salmon production, while improving animal welfare, reducing mortality and protecting the environment.

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