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Marketing Authorisation received for Ectosan®Vet


We are delighted to announce that Benchmark® Animal Health has received Marketing Authorisation (MA) from the Norwegian Medicines Agency for Ectosan® Vet in Norway.

The granting of the MA is a major milestone and a transformational solution for the salmon industry, supporting sustainable growth by reducing the economic and operational impact of sea lice whilst improving fish welfare and protecting the environment. Sea lice are one of the biggest biological challenges in salmon farming, estimated to cost producers more than US$1bn annually, and c.US$600m in Norway alone. Ectosan® Vet will be the first sea lice veterinary medicinal treatment to be introduced to the Norwegian salmon market in over a decade.

The final step before commercialisation is the ratification of the MRL (Maximum Residue Limit) into Norwegian regulation. This is a procedural step following EU legislation and is anticipated to complete in the next few weeks.

We signed our first customer agreements for CleanTreat® in March 2021 and we have the infrastructure and operational capabilities in place to start the delivery of this transformational sea lice solution, Ectosan® Vet and CleanTreat®, once the final steps are completed in the coming weeks.

“We are pleased to have received Marketing Authorisation from the Norwegian Medicines Agency, which represents a major milestone for the Company. It is testament to the team of scientists at Benchmark® that we are able to bring the first new sea lice veterinary medicinal treatment to the Norwegian salmon market in over a decade.

We are excited to bring this much needed solution to the salmon industry, driving sustainability through improved animal welfare and yield while protecting the environment and we look forward to working with our customers as we roll-out Ectosan® Vet and CleanTreat® in the market.”


For more information please see the related RNS

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